Some of All Parts San Francisco, California

Some of All Parts is an independent Bay Area hip hop group focused on making music with a message. Officially formed in 2007, SoAP group members first met in high school. Joe Truss (5 Fifths) is one lyricist of SoAP. Carlos Teasdale (Lo$) composes original music and lyrics for SoAP. Danny Velarde (DannyV) is the brains behind the production and mixing for the group. ... more

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Track Name: S.O.A.P. til Infinity (93 til freeMIXED)
above average rapper,
soap is a factor,
oh so dapper,
flow so faster,

blast like nasa,
flash right past yah,
syllables a slash yah,
never had masssa,

coz 5 fifths is whole,
feel it in my soul,
from the top of my dome,
to the bottom of my souls,

and off the top of dome,
spittin from my soul,
im bettin on black,
and im never goin fold,

better beware,
the brother that broke the mold.
so I’ll
never be there,
when brothers are getting sold.

stole the keys to the chains,
call me harriet,
carryin all of the slaves
jump in charriot,

a lyrical exercise,
to leave you mesmerized,
when i speak i keep
my eyes on the prize.

and im focused on freedom,
everytime they seem him
heaven sent, represent my african kingdom

from mali to kemet,
kush, and timbuktu,
im the king of the lions,
little simba too

my intellect is infinite,
a young eminem,
murdering the instruments,
slay you with a synonym.

raps im penning em,
bars im bending em,
far im sendin em,
fresh as mannie,
ladies and gentleman,

im vince carter,
half man, half amazing
a raptor on the tracks,
killin like jason,

i leave the booth just oh so,
competition it tends to,
bore me,
im flowin like liquid so
pour me,
wonder who’s your daddy,
ask maury,
let me tell you a little story.
a bad boy just like mike,

and im limitless,
stay chasing infinity,
buzzing through light years,
it might be the end of me,

to boldly go,
where no ONE
has gone,
trekking through the star,
still want
some more

the cisco of frisco,
its given from the get go,
its big mama cookin
stay popin like some crisco,

but this flow,
is the first of its kind,

and this yo,
is from the depths my mind,

and this joe,
you can’t fit in a rhyme,

so its just a matter of time,
that I shine.